Miss Elvira Taylor (valondra21) wrote,
Miss Elvira Taylor

depressed update

Just in case anyone wants to contact me, my phone will be turning off on Wednesday and i dont know when i will be getting a new phone. But i do know that my number will be changing.

And my car has been nothing but trouble this past week. And i dont know if i can get it fixed any time soon. Because i quit one of my jobs back in March, not knowing that i would be having this many issues with money.

I want to run outside yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs. I am tired of some new worry or bill or person making me upset. I try to ignore most of it to keep from going mad.

I am just ready to run away, start a new life.
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If you create your own drama, and your only solution is to run. You'll never be satisfied. The people you surround yourself with also have a great impact on how you'll act.